An elderly man divorced wife for refusing sex

An elderly man divorced wife for refusing sex

An elderly man divorced wife for refusing sex

An elderly man filed for divorce because his wife is refusing to have sex with him despite having sex with other men, according to court documents in Nigeria.

75-year-old Kayode Oguntuase of Ekiti State, asked the Family court to dissolve his 26-year-old marriage because his 53-year-old wife Felicia, is having sex with other men while leaving him out of her bedroom activities.

Oguntuase also accused Felicia of theft, making death threats and not caring for him. Oguntuase, a father of six children, said that he caught his wife in bed with three other men.

Felicia denied the allegations, saying that she lived with Oguntuase and performed her duties as a wife and mother. She told the court that the only time she did not have sex with her husband was when she was sick.

In March, a man filed for divorce on the grounds of cruel and inhumane treatment after his wife refused to have sex during a honeymoon trip, a court in India has heard.

At first, the lower court has granted the man a divorce.

However, an appeals court ruled that refusing to have sex on a honeymoon does not amount to intolerable cruelty, nullifying the divorce. The complainant had alleged that his 29-year-old wife failed in the essential obligation of married life by refusing to consummate their union during the four nights of their honeymoon.

The man’s attorney claimed that as a result, his client suffered tremendous mental agony. The husband also complained that his wife goes to work dressed in a shirt and pants.

A family court granted his divorce requested. The woman appealed to the High Court of Mumbai, which found in her favor. “Married life must be evaluated as a whole, and a few isolated incidents over a certain period, does not amount to cruelty,” the court said in its ruling.