Of all the things to do in our lives, we’re ashamed to admit that nail care often comes last. More often than not we dash off a coating of varnish last thing at night and hope it won’t have smudged too much by morning; or save important occasions for a trip to the salon.

But wouldn’t it be great if we could create our own beauty DIY nails from home? With a bit of practise and a steady hand, this can actually be done and it’s not as tricky as you might think.

From WAH Nails to Miss LadyFinger, we’ve consulted our favourite bloggers and industry experts for tips on sensational nails that are a cinch to create.

Come see their step-by-step tutorials for beginner manicures – from French tips to half moons and studs – that promise to deliver a visual punch:

Give a modern, sophisticated twist to the traditional French manicure, with this elegant light pink on grey combo. Nail Nerd has a nifty trick on using elastic bands to help perfect those slim tips.

For a bold, captivating presence you can’t do better than these monochrome beauties. The crescents are dead simple to form, but the end result is original enough to stand out from the crowd.

We love the vivid impact of these classic candy-coloured fishtail nails. The process appears fairly painless and involves pinpointed curves layered one on top of each other.

For, gloriously minimalist nails that make a statement, add thin black horizontal and vertical lines to a pale pink base. This design is inspired by the tribal ethos of fashion house Tibi.

For knockout nails with a retro edge, try this brilliant blend of mustard on cocoa (otherwise known as Brownie girl shades). The design is easy to follow for a finish that jumps right out.

A simple yet sultry winter manicure is created with two coats and a top coat, for a dark-navy-meets-black effect.

What better way to spread a bit of joy than with a candy cane mani (from Did My Nails). These are easier than they appear to create; apply the red coat, let it dry then add narrow strips of tape and paint over in white. Remove to unveil the striped brilliance.

Starting with the dreamy stars of the Valentino SS15 collection as its muse, this ethereal manicure is easily built up by applying silver patterns to a full nude base.

Use a hairpin to style the white dots on these deliciously simple half moon nails (courtesy of One Nail To Rule Them All). We particularly like the combination of colours used here.

Fabulous rainbow nails are yours for the taking with this tutorial on a neon colour spectrum mani. Fun and as easy as can be, we promise.

Create a roller girl mani by using tweezers to apply a selection of multi-coloured studs to glossy black nails (use glue or base coat to stick). You can play around with the formation, or use gold and silver rhinestones for a more bling look.

A clever application of scotch tape and three different colours of your choosing are used to sculpture this funky patchwork look.

These sparkly half-moon nails really are as easy to craft as they look, for an instant hit of glamour.

Get handy with a dotting tool to make your own version of this neat ‘n chic mani. Use black on pink, or add in sparkle dots for a sense of drama.

This self-styled “tape mani” uses regular stationary tape fashioned into the shape of a lightning bolt, for an easy template with which to apply silver polish.

Add a certain je ne sais quoi to your mani with this double tip design. It’s easily achieved using thin striping tape and deep blue versus sparkly silver is an especially nice fusion.

Arty and cool, this newspaper print manicure is easier to follow than you might think at first glance. It basically involves imprinting alcohol-soaked newspaper onto dry white nails, then sealing it with a top coat.

This glitter gradient look is timeless and will guarantee you a dash of razzle-dazzle. It’s easy to re-create, as long as you know what you’re doing.

This subtle nod to romance uses a dotting tool to form basic heart shapes; you put a small blob on your nail and pull it down into a point, then do the same for the other side of the heart.

Put all the skills you’ve learnt in this gallery to the test by adding vertical lines and square studs to a glossy base.

It’s simple and stunning = all that you need.