Trevor Noah Talks About Colonialism On The John Bishop Show

Trevor Noah Talks About Colonialism On The John Bishop Show

South African comedian and recently announced host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah, appeared on the BBC One show presented by John Bishop where he used his comic satire to address British colonialism and the unpleasant experiences that African people often suffer at the hands of British immigration officials.

Trevor Noah just knows how to talk about delicate issues in such a subtle way.

The 31-year-old comedian strayed away from the point before hitting the nail on it’s head. Trevor Noah beat around the bush after he was handed the platform. Trevor Noah big time captivated the audience with his humorous speech about his terrible experience at the British Immigration.

I am glad someone wrecked up the nerves to confront British immigration system for constantly suspecting anyone from Africa who travels to Britain. Not every African that visits Britain wants to stay there!

Trevor Noah proceeded to highlight the irony on how the British people complain and lash out at foreigners for coming to live in their country, reminding them that they invaded Africa and other countries.

It’s quite fascinating how Trevor Noah has slowly but powerfully gained significant popularity in the West for taking the mickey of their false sense of superiority and relations with the Third World, Africa to be precise.

Trevor Noah continues to grow bigger and bigger every time.